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Eagle Wealth Fund is an Asset Management, Real Estate Development and Venture Capital company for sophisticated investors.

SCC has completed in excess of $100 million in real estate acquisitions and redevelopments of properties. The company was conceived in 2003 and has acquired and redeveloped several heritage buildings and commercial properties in the Greater Vancouver Regional Area and has made private equity investments in clean technology companies.

Philip Kim

Philip Kim, President

Philip Kim will be the sole director of Eagle Wealth (Pioneer) Inc., the managing partner of Eagle Wealth Limited Liability Partnership (the “Partnership”) and a director of Eagle Wealth (Pioneer) Management Inc., which will provide property management and development management services to the Partnership. Mr. Kim is also the President of Storyboard Ventures Sun Capital Corp., Sun Capital Corporate Construction Inc. and Zen Ventures Inc. Throughout his career, Mr. Kim has demonstrated a keen eye for undervalued commercial real estate properties having achieved an average return on his previous investments of 33% per annum. Such previous investments include the Iconic Sun Tower, the Metropole Hotel, Port Kells Warehouse and the Walden Building. Details of the Sun Tower investment are included on the following pages. Visit the Sun Capital website at for details of the other past investments. Mr. Kim recently completed a tour of the western US including stops in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California and Texas in search of commercial real estate properties that offered good returns with upside in value. Having studied the markets in each major city on the West Coast, Mr. Kim identified Seattle as offering the best opportunities. Mr. Kim received his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Film from the University of British Columbia in 1993 having previously studied Economics, Accounting and Political Science at Simon Fraser University. | 604-783-6360

Mr. Kim is the president of the following companies:

  • Eagle Wealth Fund
  • Sun Capital
  • SCC Construction
  • Zen Ventures Inc.
  • Eco Technology Ventures Inc.
  • Storyboard Ventures

Philip Kim

Mark Trepp, Senior Vice President

Mark Trepp will be a director of Eagle Wealth (Pioneer) Management Inc., which will provide property management and development management services to Eagle Wealth Limited Liability Partnership. Mr. Trepp is also a Senior VP at Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services, Inc. Mr. Trepp has been brokering commercial real estate with a focus on office properties for the past 25 years. During his career, he has negotiated 600+ leases totalling in excess of 2.5m square feet and sold over $500m in office properties. He understands how to structure leases so as to maximize the value of the underlying asset and minimize the risk to the owner. Mr. Trepp has shown a penchant for identifying and repositioning undervalued properties to the financial benefit of his clients. | 604-998-6035

Philip Kim

Josh Bligh, Project Manager

Josh Bligh is a valued member of the team at Eagle Wealth Fund. As Project Manager, he has overseen the repositioning of many of our properties. Josh Bligh currently coordinates all project planning. Working closely with stakeholder, he oversees design, structuring proposals, project budgeting, scheduling, and coordinating certified professionals. | 604-562-6715

Current Projects

Metropole Hotel

Metropole Apartments – A 60 unit residential rental building with ground level commercial space, located at 320 Abbott Street in Vancouver, across from the new Woodward's Building. The Metropole is currently being renovated (with a City of Vancouver Heritage Grant) and is operating at full occupancy.

  • Purchased in September 2005
  • $3.95 million purchase price in 2006
  • $25 million current value
  • $935,000 capital investment
  • 2139% return on investment for investors to date
  • 37.55% IRR

2016 Wayside Lane

Rezoning a 2.6 acre lot with 580ft of lakefront in beautiful Whistler, BC.

Rezoning, development, construction and sale of:

  • Six 11,000 sq ft luxury waterfront homes designed by world renowned architects, nestled in the rugged beauty of Alta Lake in Whistler, BC
  • Creating an exclusive community while retaining the natural spirit of the land that surrounds the property

Storyboard Ventures

Parent company of the following film sales and film production companies:

  • Storyboard Media (Sales)
  • Storyboard Animation (Production)
  • Storyboard Studios(Production)

Exro Technologies Inc.

Sun Capital Corporation is a significant private equity investor in Exro Technologies Inc., an inventor of an electric switching system and electric motors, which increases the efficiency of conventional electric motors by over 12%. It is anticipated that Exro's patents will change the design of electric motors forever.


Great Properties

Completed Projects

Pioneer Building

Situated at the entrance to the renowned Pioneer Square, adjacent to the historic Iron Pergola and Totem Pole, and one of the most recognized buildings in Seattle.

  • Purchased in 2012
  • Purchase Price: $12,343,658
  • Sold December 2016: $20.5m
  • 148% Total return on investment
  • 74% per year annualized rate of return

The Iconic Sun Tower

The tallest building in the British Empire in 1912.

  • Purchased in May 2008
  • $15.5 Million purchase price
  • Redeveloped, leased up
  • Sold in August 2011
  • $41.88 Million sale price
  • $11 Million total profit
  • 110% return on investment for investors
  • 36% annualized rate of return

Walden Building

Walden Building, a heritage commercial/residential building located at 4120 Main Street, Vancouver.

  • Purchased in May 2003
  • $1.16 Million purchase price
  • 100% of original investment returned within the first year
  • Sold in December 2006
  • $4.0 Million sale price
  • 136% total return to investors
  • 38% annualized rate of return

Frontline Building

Office building with ground level commercial space, located at 5658 176 St., Surrey, BC. Redesign of the exterior and interior.

  • $950,000 purchase price in September 2010
  • Sold for $2.4 million in 2014
  • 80% return on investment
  • 20% annualized return on investment
  • 100% of original investment returned within the first year
  • 98% total return to investors
  • 41% annualized rate of return

Port Kells Warehouse

An industrial building located at 19736 98th Avenue, Langley, B.C.

  • Purchased in December 2006
  • $2.35 Million purchase price
  • Rezoned and stratified into smaller warehouse units
  • Sales completed in April 2009
  • 100% of original investment returned within the first year
  • 98% total return to investors
  • 41% annualized rate of return

Olympic Grocery

A heritage building located at 698 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver B.C., the building in which Philip Kim grew up and was his very first project. Worked with Robert Lemon, and Busby & Associates, to receive heritage incentives from the City of Vancouver for the restoration and redevelopment of the property. The property was sold in 2003 to John Scott, the owner of Scott Construction; who went on to build 13 townhouse units on this 33ft by 120ft lot.

For more information on the projects, please visit SCC Construction.

Legal Firm

  • McCarthy Tetrault
  • Glenn Leung
  • Cameron Whyte
  • Virginia Wigmore
  • Owen Bird
  • Alan Frydenlund

Accounting Firm

  • Dale Matheson Carr-hilton Labonte LLP
  • Kenneth Chong


  • Vancity Credit Union
  • People's Trust
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • BMO
  • Capital West