1505-128 W Pender St, Vancouver BC

Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM


Lotz & Company


Vancouver, British Columbia





SCC Construction is proud to announce the completion of the Lotz & Company law office project, a significant transformation that redefines their workspace into a beacon of modern legal professionalism. Located at the prestigious 320 Granville Street, in the heart of the city’s bustling center, this renovation project underscores our expertise in blending contemporary design with the unique functional requirements of a legal practice. The design was meticulously planned to reflect the firm’s dedication to excellence and innovation. 

The renovation emphasizes a sophisticated layout that supports the distinguished ethos of Lotz & Company. With a keen eye for detail, our team has delivered a space that embodies the spirit of modernity while adhering to the practical demands of legal work. The project stands as a testament to our commitment to creating environments that are not just places of work but are also tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. By transforming the Lotz & Company office at 320 Granville Street, SCC Construction has once again demonstrated its ability to execute projects that marry innovation with the timeless principles of design and functionality.